Sunday, June 24, 2007

Why it is Called what so called : SANGRIA*

Trash can 'punch' and 'junky jonk' to some, sangria (sang-ree-uh) to most, this wine cocktail's name was inspired by its blood red colour (sangre is spanish word for Blood). Traditionally made with red wine,fruit juices,soda water,fruit and sometimes liqueurs,and brandy or cognag,this drink has two histories:
The official one declares that it's based on claret cup punch,the bordeaux french red wine punch, to be found at almost all parties in sixteenth and seventeenth century europe. Brandy and fruis were added to the punch to flavor,and sweeten the wine.
The unofficial claims that sangria was teh poor man's drink- spanish peasants who'd strech the limited wine by adding whatever was available in the house ; fruits, brandy,etc.
in fact,sangria is originally created in Spain with rioja and other spanish reds. Soon, however, the cava-producing area adopted a sparkling white version - sangria Blanco. In the south of Spain,Sangria's appeal is about taking your favourite red wine,your favourite fruits,and experimenting with them.It's easy to drink,even for those who are "not into" wine.
Anyway,i have this very nice recipe to share.A simply typical sangria i use to have under the sangria summer twilight of Delhi ,blended perfectly with heart warming chats and laughters of dearest friends and family :).

try this, and enjoy...

Typical Sangria (serves four)

first of all. you have to prepare :

1 bottle red spanish wine
2tbsp honey (or equivalent i9n sugar syrup)
1/2 orange,chopped or sliced
1 lemon,chopped or sliced
30 ml brandy
30 ml contreau
1 cup club soda
2 cups ice cubes
with putting a little effort of :
Pour wine into a larger pitcher.
Add honey and mix well.
Stir in frit,brandy,contreau.
Chill for several hours until ready to serve.
Just before serving, add the club soda and ice cubes,stirring gently.
For the fine last touch, When pouring into glasses,leave fruit and ice in the pitcher
The last thing to do is, enjoy with a bunch of beloved friends and family uder the summer sangria sky...
If U're not into alcohol, you can put a lil bit creativity with changing the red wine with non alcohol sparkling wine,brandy and contreau with non alcohol beer and mojito ;))

*Composed from several resources